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Turnkey naval and industrial repairs

At Núñez Vigo we are a specialist in naval repairs and maintenance of any hydraulic and / or pneumatic element.

Our experience supports us. We are an efficient and fast company that allows our clients to always be satisfied with our work.

We are experts in the repair and maintenance of elements such as:

- Oil-hydraulic power plants: of any size, pressure and constructive form.

- High pressure elements, as well as cylinders, manual pumps, hydropneumatic pumps, electrohydraulic pumps. From brands such as MEGA, LARZEP, NIKE, among others. In addition, we are official distributors and official maintenance service of ENERPAC.

- Compressors: any constructive shape, screw, piston, etc. Of all brands: ABC, Sperre, Atlas, etc. In addition, we are distributors and official BOGE maintenance service.

- Pumps and motors, from brands such as: REXROTH, SAUER DANFOSS, VICKERS, among others, and constructive form: axial or radial pistons, vanes, internal or external gears, etc.

- Marine and land cranes,of any brand, ATLAS, PALFINGER…. Furthermore, we are the official HEILA distribution service.


reparaciones navales
reparaciones navales
reparaciones navales

Núñez Vigo has a large staff specialized in the repair of any hydraulic and pneumatic element. Our technicians are supported by extensive experience in the industrial and naval sector. We have technical specialists in pipe repair, as well as technical specialists in mechanical repair.

Pipe repair

Our team of professionals continually carry out pipeline repairs, either due to the need for change or adaptation. All repairs are meticulously studied by our specialist technicians before being carried out, proposing the best solution in each case. In addition, the technicians, whenever appropriate and necessary, propose improvements to the end customer, thus ensuring an improvement of the circuits.

Equipment reparation

Núñez Vigo technicians repair any hydraulic or mechanical element, quickly and efficiently. Among our usual repair teams are power plants, pumps, motors, cylinders, distributors, cranes, gantries, pangas, deck machinery, windlasses, among others. All repaired equipment are thoroughly checked by our technicians on our test bench, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.


Reparaciones navales
Reparación naval
Gruas marinas

Núñez Vigo offers a preventive and corrective maintenance service for all types of hydraulic and pneumatic elements and installations. Among our technicians we also have specialists in mechanics, boilermaking and welding, who complement our technical service and facilitate rapid repair if necessary. We guarantee a comprehensive maintenance service in industrial and naval areas.

Repair or maintenance problems?