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Hydraulic accessories

Our technicians offer individualized attention. In this way, we can guarantee the optimal selection of accessories for your hydraulic installations.

  Accumulators:Bladder, Membrane, Others     Coils     Bells     Pressure gauges

  Levels and indicators (optical-thermometric level, low level, dirt indicator)

  Pressure switches     Filler caps     Thermostats


Hydraulic pumps

We sell all kinds of hydraulic pumps. We supply the most suitable pump for each job. Our technicians advise in choosing the type of construction, shaft, turn, mounting flange and, body material depending on the customer's needs.

 Pumps: ✔ Gear    ✔  Vane    ✔  Piston

 Flow dividers     Multipliers     Others


Hydraulic power units

We have an extensive catalog of standard and custom hydraulic power units. We offer any type of them, of any electrical power, flow, and pressure. From Núñez Vigo, we adapt our plants to the final requirements. All our plants, except specifications, are supplied with a starter box. They include epoxy finish enamel that meets the most demanding corrosion requirements on the market. Besides, to a specific hydraulic oil resistant interior paint, we offer the possibility of metalizing if necessary. Our hydraulic power units are made of steel or stainless steel, adapting to the end customer.

 Custom     Standard

instalaciones hidráulicas

Hydraulic pipe

Nuñez Vigo has a loose catalog of hydraulic pipes. We offer pipes of all types, materials, and thicknesses. Thanks to our suppliers, we provide a personalized and fast service under the most rigorous quality standards.

  DIN 2440    Inox     Lapping     Others

Hydraulic components for fluid control

We work with the leading brands on the market to offer quality products and solutions. Valves and accessories are carefully selected based on the flow and pressure needs of the system in which they are to be incorporated.

  Manual drives and distributors     Valve base plate and modular valves

Pressure and / or flow control valves    Proportional control valves    In-line valves

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