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Compressors and compressed air networks

We have a wide variety of compressors (BOGE). We study our client’s needs to advise in each case the compressor that best suits their need. Our team has a proven track record that provides fast and efficient solutions.

We have qualified technicians to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance.


Screw compressors:

They stand out for their maximum reliability, highly efficient operation, and easy maintenance. We have screw compressors that operate with oil injection or oil-free cooling, frequency regulated, belt-driven, or directly coupled. The power available varies from 2.2 to 355 kW.

The main advantages of these compressors are the continuous efficient generation of compressed air, the low energy costs they produce, and their low noise level thanks to their supersonic damping.

Piston compressors:

Designed for continuous use as well as in cases where loads must be changed frequently, they work with oil lubrication or without oil. They are reliable and durable. Their long service life, easy maintenance, and the correct price-performance ratio make these compressors have magnificent characteristics.

The main advantages of these compressors are their long service life and maximum reliability, in addition to the possibility of working both in continuous service and with frequent load changes, the adjustment to individual needs, pressures between 8 and 40 bar.

Spiral / scroll compressors:

These compressors have been designed especially for 100% oil-free compressed air installations, in addition to being extremely quiet with hardly any vibrations, all these characteristics make these compressors suitable for installation close to a workstation.

The main advantages are oil-free, silent operation with supersonic damping, vibration-free, modular structure, compact size, little need for maintenance.

Turbo compressors:

Turbo compressors are a new vision in the world of compressors, reduces noise and energy cost, work 100% oil-free, minimize revolutions and noise level, and are suitable for work with high and low pressures.

The main advantages are low acoustic level, lighter, greater efficiency, robustness, 100% oil-free.

Compressed air treatment:

Compressed air is used in a highly diverse range of sectors and many different ways. Due to its versatility of use, the requirements differ considerably between its applications. The standards applied to the food industry are not the same as for the naval one. From Núñez Vigo we offer a wide catalog with the optimal components according to their use.

Among the products we offer, we can find:


Made of the highest quality materials, compressed air tanks are mainly used to store compressed air, separate condensates, or vibration damping.

Cyclone separators

It is capable of separating up to 99% of the water present in the compressed air thanks to its centrifugal technology. Besides, this separator has hardly any pressure losses, which makes it extremely energy efficient.


From Núñez Vigo we offer a wide range of dryers for pneumatic installations. We have different models of dryers depending on customer requirements. Within our offer, we can find refrigerant dryers, adsorption dryers, active carbon adsorbers, and adsorption dryers for breathing air.


Within our filters selection can find pre-filters (high-performance filters that allow the removal of liquid and solid particles of up to 1 µm, with the effectiveness of 99.925%), microfilters (remove solid particles of up to 0.01 µm with a 99.999% effective) or activated carbon filters (remove oil vapor and odors from pre-dried compressed air or pressurized nitrogen gas reliably).

Activated carbon adsorber

Clean compressed air reliably and efficiently to the residual oil content of 0.003mg / m3. Due to its constructive form, it allows an easy connection to the circuit. Activated carbon is capable of trapping aerosols, odors and, vapors present in compressed air.

Oil-Water separators

All lubricated compressors produce condensate that must be treated before disposal. Our separators operate with different filter stages, ensuring a residual oil content of less than 10 ppm.


It provides a permanent quality of Class 0 compressed air according to ISO 8573-1, in addition to an air-free condensate. Through this filtering system, constant air quality is ensured, and its correct operation is independent of the temperature and humidity of the compressed air.


Safety system installed on the compressor and air treatment components but before the distribution system. This device ensures the pressure in the compressor in case of leaks and preserves the treatment components at a minimum level.

Sterile filters

Specially designed for industries with the highest purity standards. Have highly polished stainless steel filter housing. They are suitable for steam sterilization and ensure 100% germ-free compressed air.

Heat recovery

A large amount of the energy consumed by a compressor is converted into heat and is expelled to the outside by a cooling medium, at NV we offer efficient solutions so that this heat is not simply lost but is used for other processes. These systems allow to recover the initial investment required in a very few hours of work, it is a compact solution and it is available for lubricated compressors from 7.5 to 110 kW

redes de aire comprimido
redes de aire comprimido