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Cranes and davits


Núñez Vigo davits allow the handling of weights on board ships to be done in a comfortable, safe and efficient way.

Our naval engineering technical office studies the needs of our clients to offer in each case a personalized solution, adapted to the most demanding requirements.

From Núñez Vigo we have qualified technicians who can install the davits and carry out their maintenance.

Within our products you can find hydraulic, electric and manual davits, single, double or extendable arms.

Our most complete davits offer a hydraulic winch that allows the lifting of the weights in a fast and safe way. In the case of the simplest, this is done by means of an electric or manual hoist depending on the needs. All of them incorporate the necessary security measures to ensure their correct operation.

Our wide range of products and dimensions allows us to adapt to any need.

Marine and land cranes

From Núñez Vigo we have extensive experience in the sale of both marine and land cranes. Our sales representatives offer individualized advice, studying each case for better care. We work with brands like Amco Vebaby Hyva.

We offer all types of cranes designed for the most demanding work on board with the most extreme conditions, providing safe and reliable lifting equipment for use in all required conditions.

We can offer from single-arm cranes with 1000 kg load requirements to multi-extension cranes with high load requirements.

Besides, from Núñez Vigo, custom cranes are made to adapt to the needs of all our customers. We develop long-distance overhead cranes with a skillful lifting point on both sides of the ship. With double pivoting wheels and radio control operation. Joystick controlled variable speed for maximum load control precision in tight spaces. Without forgetting about safety, for this all our cranes have electronic load sensors and limit switches for all movements. We also offer onboard rail design, supply and laser alignment.

All our equipment can be equipped with manual distributors or remotely controlled by radio control.

grúas marinas
grúas marinas


Núñez Vigo offers custom stern a-frames. Each case is studied in detail and adjusted to the dimensions and needs of each project. Within our wide range of products, we offer a-frames capable of lifting to 30T. All our a-frames are supplied with hydraulic winches for lifting and / or collecting weights, as well as hydraulic cylinders for their own operation.

Overhead crane for ships

Núñez Vigo offers its clients special crane bridges focused on marine needs. Overhead crane suitable for installation inside ships are studied, designed and manufactured for our company.

These crane bridges have as a special feature that the movement of the hoist is carried out through the rails by means of racks. These racks carefully selected by our technical office guarantee high durability.

Our equipment is supplied with electric chain blocks or motorized trolleys with a built-in cable winch depending on the needs of our end customer. They are supplied with radio control if the client does not specify otherwise, therefore ensuring the movement of dangerous loads from a safe and comfortable area.

All our products are subjected to tests under the most demanding quality standards, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.

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